The Lore of WoW

There are a whole bunch of video games and game series that are out there. Every day there are new ones being thought up, produced, programmed, shipped, you name it. For a game or game series to be very successful, there has to be something about it that appeals to a large amount of players. Something that will catch the person’s interest and keep them coming back.

World of Warcraft has many different things that people could say is its catch: the design of raids being available to both the casual and hardcore player; player vs player in arenas and battlegrounds; talent trees and glyphs; the world environment; the lore and game story; plus a lot more, these are just a few.

I’d like to focus on the last piece, which is the thing that has personally kept me in the game: the lore and game history. Anyone can create a game story and be done with it. Blizzard has given us so much more with the history of the game universe. Throughout all the games, there has been these little bits that show up that have us asking for more information, and what’s even better is that they’ve given it to us. The explanations given by Chris Metzen and the lore team, along with the novelizations by some amazing authors has expanded the game universe to something that anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre would appreciate.

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Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up

Pretty soon, I’ll be turning 25 years old.  It’s a little bit scary, because I still have no clue what I want to do when I grow up.  What’s even worse is that it’s right now.

After high school, I was certain that I would do something along the lines of computer engineering, programming, and things like that.  Because of that, I went to NAIT‘s Computer System Technology program, which offered various types of things to do such as programming and web design.  At the time, I was more interested in the web design part, so I was looking forward to the second year when I could specialize in that.

From my year at NAIT, I learned a few important things.  First and foremost: I don’t like programming.  I just don’t think I have that much of an analytical mind that can handle that much raw logic.  Secondly: people can be jerks very easily.  You help them out one day, the next they stab you in the back because they feel like it.  Lastly: idiots come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Halfway through the first semester, they announced that they were removing all specializations except for programming.  Considering that I went there in the first place to learn web design, that frustrated me tremendously.  After that, my focus and will to be there disappeared very quickly.

So, after being without a job for about 8 months, I got a call from Scotiabank asking if I wanted a job as a teller, and I’ve been there ever since.  Over 6 years… wow, how the time flies.  Yet, I don’t think I can see myself working there for the rest of my life.

My dream jobs are definitely the typical dream jobs.

  • Community Manager at Blizzard.  Yeah, no surprise to anyone there – I’m such a Blizzard fanboy, I’d work there if I could be the coffee boy.  Alternately, if I could survive on a Game Master’s salary, I’d do that as well.

As well, I keep checking fansites like for when they’re hiring.  If something comes up with a topic that I can see myself devote effort to, I’ll apply in a heartbeat.  Plus, then there would be another Edmontonian on the staff there.

  • Author.  I have a great respect for people who can create an immersive universe that can captivate the people who read it.  Recently, I’ve been enjoying the works of Brandon Sanderson, whose books have totally won me over.  I would love to be able to just sit down, let my imagination run wild, and put it into words.
  • Musician.  Who hasn’t ever dreamed of being in a band?  I love music and anything to do with it.  If I could take that passion of mine and earn money with it, that would be more than just a little bit of fun.
  • Or, I could just win the lottery.  Yeah, right.

Through all of this, I still find myself having times at work when I love my job.  Yet, there’s just so many times I get up in the morning and dread going to work.

I doubt I’m the only one.