Screenshot of the Week – June 11

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This week’s screenshot comes from Brill, with a statue of Sylvanas.  Now, right away I’m sure there are Alliance people who are saying that there’s no reason to have a statue of her.  Is there any reason to have a statue of Varian built at Stormwind Keep?  I thought not.  It’s all part of being a faction leader… must be rough, eh?

Screenshot of the Week – March 26

Supposedly it’s spring, yet the weather here doesn’t seem to realize it.

The Undercity
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Today we have a view of the Undercity from above.  For the longest time, we were unable to see what it looked like from a different angle, so seeing this really impressed me.  Formerly Lordaeron City, it’s now home to Sylvanas and the Forsaken.

Screenshot of the Week – March 19

The weekend is upon us, and for once the weather here in Edmonton isn’t bad!  Works for me!

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This week’s screenshot comes from the new Forsaken starting zone.  At one point, you get a deathguard wannabe named Darnell to join you to collect corpses.  I just found it entertaining seeing all the corpses piled on top of another, and feeling a little bad for poor Darnell.


Cataclysmic Beginnings, Part 2: Horde

In my continuing coverage of the new starting areas for the changed Azeroth, we come to the Horde. My preferred faction, the one that I’ve played a majority of my World of Warcraft career with. I’ve rolled alts galore before the changes, and I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one who has. After a while, the mind just goes numb and the starting zones became a blur until you just plow through it and get it over and done with.

Pre-Cataclysm, I know that all of my characters went over to Eversong Forest and Ghostlands as soon as possible. The rewards were better than any given in the other areas, and the flow was much smoother than doing the other ones. It’s a little bit sad that it’s now the opposite – any Blood Elf will likely try to go to Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest as fast as they can, and with good reason.

One great thing that has been changed for all starting zones that is extremely useful is that there are flight paths in the starting towns, like Razor Hill or Bloodhoof Village. Less travel time is always appreciated.

Each of the remaining Horde races will be covered here: Orcs and Trolls in Durotar, Tauren in Mulgore, Blood Elves in Eversong Forest, and Forsaken in Tirisfal Glades. There will be spoilers ahead.

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