Druid New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is finally upon us, and it’s at this time that many people look behind at what was and look forward to what will come.  I’ve done a lengthy series of retrospectives, so I think that can count as my looking behind part.  That being said, I’d like to set myself some goals for my main character, my Druid.

  1. Don’t suck.  I know that should be standard and not necessary to put on this list, but I think it’s important to include here.  There are many ways to suck at WoW, and I don’t want to be one of “those guys” who can’t play his class well.  I may not be the top performer, but I want to do my job properly.  Not only do I have to play my class properly, but I also have to play where I am properly – know the dungeon or raid I’m in, and react accordingly, for example.
  2. Know my role.  Right now my main spec is feral DPS in cat form, which has been my main spec for a few years now.  Thankfully there hasn’t been much change to how things operate and only minor tweaks, so that’s not too much of a big deal.  My secondary spec is restoration, which is quite a bit different for me.  I’ve played a healing class before, and even had it as my main spec on my Paladin back in Burning Crusade – but the playstyle of a Holy Paladin versus a Resto Druid is completely different.  I’m not playing healing whack-a-mole anymore, but learning how to anticipate what is going to happen and be ready for it.
  3. Don’t get frustrated.  Too many times, I see myself get frustrated with some aspect of the game.  I was in a random group on my lowbie priest the other day, and I was getting mad at the tank because he wasn’t holding aggro – but it was his first time tanking, and druid tanks aren’t the best at low levels – and everyone needs to learn.  I’m going to be in this same position when I work up the courage to do a random group as a healer, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be pretty.  (This is one benefit of having a guild – guinea pigs for my starting attempts)
  4. Have fun.  After everything is said and done, this is still a game.  A lot of people seem to forget that, and from time to time I’ve been equally as guilty.  When things get too bad: take a breather, go watch TV, read a book, talk to your spouse, do something to get away from the computer.  Find your happy place, go there, and relax.  Instances, PvP, guild politics, you name it – they can all wait.  This is a game, and treat it as such.  (World of Warcraft is serious business, right?)

I want to get better at the game.  I look forward to our raids, and I’m disappointed if I’m not near the top for my performance.  At the same time, I am glad when I’m not the one that gets blamed for wipes or (even worse) is the actual cause for the wipes.  Enjoyable time in the game is what brings people back, and I think that’s really the core of what I want to accomplish.