Three Nerds Walk Into A Bar…

Three nerds walk into a bar… and they talk. Not much of a punchline, right? Fortunately the real circumstances were much more enjoyable than my incredibly pathetic attempt at a joke.

This past Friday, I was fortunate enough to meet up with two other WoW bloggers here in Edmonton. Fannon of Dwarven Battle Medic lives here as well, but we had never met each other before. Ophelie of Bossy Pally was in town, on her way to where she’ll be moving with a new job, and was staying with Fannon and his family.  (Just looking at their blog names, it makes me realize that mine’s really boring.)

It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I am an incredibly shy person and feel very out of place where there’s nobody that I know. Fortunately we had two things in common right away: we all play WoW and we all blog about it. There were only a few awkward pauses, but all in all it was really nice to put faces to names that I know in the blogging community.

Fannon wrote up a bit more of a detailed account of his time with Ophelie while she was here, as she was staying with him. There’s a bit in there about our dinner, and I have to comment on a part of it: yes, I am a stinky Horde DPSer. However, I’m not a wimpy Alliance healer! FOR THE HORDE!

Previously, I wrote up a post about the small things that can bring people together or give them instant conversation topics regarding WoW. While it’s a good icebreaker, I was pleasantly surprised that we didn’t talk only about the game. There was plenty of conversation about our personal interests as well as the obligatory “So… WoW!”

One thing I found out about Fannon is that he used to be a sale representative for a wine company, and knows quite a bit about the different types of wine. My experience with wine is very much a casual relationship, and if I’m lucky I’ll have half a glass with a dinner once a month or so. I had known that Ophelie lived in Newfoundland, but I didn’t know she just finished post-secondary schooling to become a pharmacist and was moving out to Alberta. It was neat hearing about her discoveries in the city where I’ve lived for so long and seeing the things we take for granted.

Even though all three of us describe ourselves as shy and quiet, we didn’t seem to have a problem keeping the conversations going. Considering we left the bar over three hours after we met, my guess is that the evening was a success. Now that I have the connections made I’m sure that more of these meetups will occur in the future, and hopefully we’ll be able to pull more local bloggers into the next event.

WoW Bloggers of the world… or at least Edmonton… unite!