I’ve never been a good FPS player. This doesn’t stop me from enjoying the genre, however.

There’s something about Overwatch that appealed to me from the first announcement of it. The comic book style is quite nice, and the general story of it is also good. More than likely, it’s just the fact that it’s a FPS with Blizzard polish on it.

Since Overwatch was released at the end of May, I have put a decent amount of hours into it. While I am nowhere near being good after playing a bunch, I think I’d graduate to the level of being “not bad”.


So far, I would consider myself a support main. Perhaps it’s because there isn’t as much aiming required – one thing I’m still not great at – but it also seems to be a role that other people don’t seem to want to do.

My top played heroes definitely reflect this, with 4 of my top 5 being support. Since Ana is a relatively new hero, it’s likely just a matter of time before she joins the ranks of being in top played. Because I’m still working on my aim, it will likely be a while before I’m anywhere near decent with her.

I played Team Fortress 2 back in the day, and my most played character was (to no surprise) the Medic. Almost identical to Mercy, I was better at supporting instead of being on the front line. Now that I have more experience and I play more frequently, I’m slowly getting better.

As a whole, Overwatch is exactly the game I want, with the level of polish that Blizzard always delivers. With Jeff Kaplan as the game director, you have someone who is very well versed in game design as a whole, and is really listening to feedback and actually responding to it well. There have been multiple updates and changes so far because of direct requests from the player base.

I hope that this game has legs. I’ve really enjoyed the eSports scene, and I’m sure that it will grow exponentially. There have been players who have gained in popularity because of streaming and eSports, and I’m learning things from them to be able to elevate my game. Thanks to Seagull, Surefour, AskJoshy, and many others who don’t suck for streaming so I can pick up on your tricks.

Overwatch is just a lot of fun. At the moment, it’s scratching my current gaming itch – the Halloween event certainly doesn’t hurt – and Blizzard is giving it a lot of advertising and marketing to bring it more to the masses. All hail our new FPS overlords!