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Screenshot of the Week – July 9

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Flying around doing archaeology one day, I was passing through Uldum and was wondering why it was on fire. There are times I’m not very observant, but the last time I checked I was at the south end of Kalimdor and not by Blackrock Mountain.  Deathwing had apparently just been through, and had unleashed his swath of destruction.  I would be upset, except for the fact that he roasted me a while back.

Screenshot of the Week – July 2

Happy Canada Day!

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While many people are exploring the new areas that have been opened up with patch 4.2, I thought it would be nice to take a look at the old world again.  I was flying to Hillsbrad Foothills to help my wife with some quests, when I saw this angle of the Dalaran Crater.  Seeing this dome where there once was a city is a really neat spectacle.

Screenshot of the Week – June 25

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Today we see a sunset over Dustwallow Marsh.  In my journeys though archaeology, I see a lot of really amazing scenery around Azeroth, and this is definitely a very nice view of the marsh.

Screenshot of the Week – June 18

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Today we have a temple complex from Uldum, which is obviously very much influenced by Egyptian architecture.  While the zone isn’t my favourite, it is quite beautiful.

Screenshot of the Week – June 11

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This week’s screenshot comes from Brill, with a statue of Sylvanas.  Now, right away I’m sure there are Alliance people who are saying that there’s no reason to have a statue of her.  Is there any reason to have a statue of Varian built at Stormwind Keep?  I thought not.  It’s all part of being a faction leader… must be rough, eh?

Screenshot of the Week – June 4

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This week we see a view of Netherwing Ledge in Shadowmoon Valley.  Anyone doing the Netherwing dailies will see a lot of this place, and even though it’s beautiful it will get old really fast.  It’s nice to see it after not having been there for a while and appreciate the scenery.

Screenshot of the Week – May 28

After a week off, we’re back into full swing!

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This week we have a picture of Warsong Hold from the south.  As much as Garrosh can be a bit of a jerk, he did a good job of reinforcing the Horde presence in Borean Tundra.  Looks quite impressive, I must say.

Screenshot of the Week – May 14

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It’s a beautiful weekend in Edmonton, which means that we get a beautiful picture of the new Echo Isles in Durotar.  The trolls sure have made improvements over the jungle ruins from before, eh? Little huts aren’t nearly as nice as what it’s like now.

Screenshot of the Week – May 7

It’s still Saturday!  Time for a SSOTW!

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This is a great perspective of Zangarmarsh as I was flying through while leveling my Shadow Priest.  It’s still one of the best zones in The Burning Crusade content.

Screenshot of the Week – April 30

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This week’s screenshot comes from Howling Fjord, taken while leveling my new Shadow Priest the other night. I really like this picture as it shows the beauty of the skies of Northrend alongside the destruction that is around the zone.

It doesn’t help that the Royal Apothecary Society is plaguing the proto-drakes in the area either.


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