Rethinking Raiding

I mentioned previously that I was mulling the idea of switching from my usual melee DPS role to that of ranged DPS. Gradually over time, I’ve been building up my gear and getting to a raid-ready position so I wouldn’t suck too much. After all of my preparation time, Tuesday arrived and gave me the first taste of raiding from a new standpoint. Over three years of thinking from a melee standpoint is out the window, time to rethink and relearn how to raid.

At first, I forgot how much of a change that it was to change roles. Instead of staring at the rear end of the boss the whole time, I get to stay safely away from its cleaves and bad things. Over the past years I haven’t had to worry about anything that happens at range, so I was quickly educated on how not safe I actually was. The bosses we went through in just over two hours on Tuesday night gave me new perspectives of what I mostly knew already.


Trial by fire, right? As I expected, I was put on parasite duty. Even knowing this, I was quite unprepared as I couldn’t find any details about the best way to combat them. All the strategies online say what they do, but not the best methods of dealing with them. Thank goodness our guild has a great mage who has a dual spec in Frost for situations like this. We wiped only once, partially due to me messing up with add control, but our mage gave me advice and we were able to get him down the second attempt.

From Wowpedia

My personal suggestion for any Boomkin doing add duty on Magmaw is to make sure that you’re working together with someone, ensuring no confusion. One of my problems was that I was casting Typhoon at the wrong times, and the knockback was causing the parasites to mess up the frost nova being cast. This caused him endless problems, which I quickly fixed to use only when necessary. Having Starfall glyphed to be on a shorter cooldown is an absolute must.

Omnotron Defense System

This fight is crazy to begin with, but is a lot of fun once you get the mechanics down. Going through the four different constructs and remember which one does what is confusing enough, but now I have to make sure I stay in range of everything and get the new features down.

Most everything was the same, with the exception of Arcanotron which has the puddle of goo to stand in to get the casting buff. As well, solar beam is a bad thing to use to interrupt him since it makes it hard to see the goo puddles if it happens to spawn at the same time.


I haven’t had much experience with this fight, only having done it once or twice previously. All in all it is a fairly easy fight for the DPS, with having to pay attention to the boss mod and raid leader saying when to get the adds down. Apart from that, remembering to stay lined up during the red cauldron phase so keep the damage split evenly – previously I was already doing that, since I was on the butt of the boss.


Tuesday was my first time actually doing the fight. Reading up on it isn’t a good preparation, since there are so many things you just have to see (unfortunately I didn’t have the time to look at any videos of the fight). We wiped a few times, but in the end we were able to down him – with over half the raid dead, but a dead boss is a dead boss! My thoughts about this fight is that it’s a lot of fun.

From Eminence Gaming

I’m quite glad that I was a ranged DPS for this fight, as I was still able to do damage through the air phase. Insect swarm and moonfire spam while running, then the instant cast starsurge when the shooting stars proc comes up. Fortunately, the lunar shower talent adds to your damage while moving, so it is a great way to pad the numbers a little bit.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

We had the mortal strike & shadow nova combination this week, which didn’t seem to give us any difficulty. This fight is fairly similar to doing it as melee, but needing to be a bit more aware of the incoming fireballs from the proto-drake flying around. As melee I was often running around a bunch already, so it wasn’t as big of a deal then.

Altogether, I enjoyed my first raid experience as a Boomkin.  I have a lot of room for improvemement, and thankfully we use World of Logs to see ways to improve.  My DoT uptime needs help, I need to use my cooldowns more often, things like that.  Add management skills is definitely an area that I need to focus on.  (Thanks, Minmon!)

Doing a fair amount of random heroics leading up to it to get gear was definitely a bonus, as there are some good raid training encounters available in the 5-man instances now. I was fortunate to get two upgrades that night, one being a piece that I had bought with my valour points already, but was marginally better.

It will be nice to keep pumping out the numbers and continue to improve my abilities as a new ranged DPS. As well, it’ll be nice to stop noobing it up.


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