Making Decisions

I hate making decisions with a passion. I truly do not like choosing something and being stuck with it, out of fear that it wasn’t the right thing to do. This ranges from the very small things like what to have for meals (ask my wife, she’d be more than happy to elaborate) and things to do, to very big things like buying a house, making a large purchase, or having kids. I like to think, think again, then think even more about all the options and choices that are out there. Even once I’m sure I know the right thing to do, I sometimes still hold off on making that decision.

Previously I’ve mentioned that I’m an altaholic. This definitely stems from my indecisiveness, as it gives me something to do that’s different without having to worry about making a big change for my main character. Even choosing a main character for myself was a very difficult thing to do for a while during the Burning Crusade expansion, as I was enjoying three different classes in different ways. I’m now faced with a similar choice as I was back then, which is how to enjoy playing my main character.

One of my favourite posts that I’ve written was all about my gradual shift from caster classes to melee classes over the years. To this day, a majority of the classes that I play are melee, and I’ve found that I have more fun with them. A shift in our guild has had me thinking about changing it up a bit, to try something that I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the chance to pursue it fully.

The mythical crit-chicken, the boomkin, the oomkin: the Moonkin.

Boomkin power!Over the years I’ve tried the spec a few times, with not the best success. The first time was due to the old eclipse mechanic and the rotation – I just couldn’t get the hang of it. The second time was at the end of Wrath after 4.0.1 came out and the talent trees changed, but my gear wasn’t very good and my damage suffered because of it. Now, with the updated talent trees along with better gear, I’m getting into the groove of it.

My feral druid damage is quite good. Not the best, but on a single-target DPS race I can get in the top three consistently. The problem with changing specs and gearing up again is that there’s the curve where the damage dealt is not nearly as good, and it can be quite disheartening. Fortunately with every heroic that I run, if I’m not getting better gear from drops I am at least saving up for more gear from Justice Points. Right now I still have a few green and blue quest rewards, and a few crafted pieces as well – nowhere near the best gear that I can get.

For the first few heroic runs, I find that I’m having fun with it. To be honest I was almost hoping that I would not like it, just so that I would convince myself to stay with the way things are right now. My overall damage and DPS is decent for the heroic tier, nowhere near ready for raiding, but enough to be competitive.

This means I have to make another decision. Do I help the guild out by giving them a boomkin, since we have no leather casters? If I do, do I keep my second spec as feral DPS or do I try tanking again? Making decisions truly is not my strong spot. Any advice people can leave in the comments is truly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Making Decisions

  1. ‘Bring the player, not the class’ – that’s what Blizz said. Granted, it’s still not working for progress raids, but for everyone else I’d advise to play what’s the most fun to you, because fun is what it’s all about, eh?
    I once switched my raiding character due to the raid’s need for a potent healer. At first it was fun, I liked healing, and I was good at it so the praise made it even more enjoyable. But I’m a damage dealer at heart, and after three months or so I started missing my hunter badly. However, the raid now depended on me healing, so I was stuck playing a char who became a complete bore to me, leaving me unconcentrated and in a bad mood during raids. In the end I was relieved when that raid group dissolved during ToC so I could join another raid on my hunter, again.
    Moral of the story, don’t make the same mistake I did, a player who’s not enjoying himself isn’t of much help to any raid. 🙂

    1. I switched to a healing Paladin in Burning Crusade, since we were Horde and wanted to get some in for our raids. I enjoyed it for a while, but afterwards switched to my Druid.

      Let me be clear: I’m enjoying being a boomkin right now. I just want to make sure it’s the right decision.

      All in all, excellent advice. I agree completely with you. 🙂

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