Vashj’ir Roundup

I finished up Vashj’ir last night, and I am very impressed with how it turned out.  From start to finish, the entire zone was one big ocean o’ fun.  (See what I did there?)

Entering the zone, you get taken into the story immediately.  I expected that you would take the boat out to an island and then start the quest hubs from there, not get attacked by a giant leviathan.  The fact that you are fighting to survive the entire time you’re in the zone makes the story flesh out very well.  Budd, as always, is good comic relief.  I thought that we wouldn’t see him again after he jumped off the boat on the way in, but there he was by Smugglers’ Cove with some entertaining quests to do for him.

When Burning Crusade came out, I know a lot of people would make alts that they would run though the 60-70 content just to make money from quest rewards – until Blizzard nerfed the amount that was gained.  I feel that it’s the same deal now, as I’ve made a few hundred gold just from questing and selling the junk or rewards I didn’t use along with the cash that is given with the reward.

I liked the pacing for the most part, but it was just different from what I’m used to.  With the amount of phasing through the zone, I can understand why you would only have 4-5 quests in your log at once instead of the 10-15+ that you could get through some Wrath zones.  As much as I liked the phasing where it showed the fruits of your labour, it almost seemed like too much at times.  It was weird thinking that the old Nesingwary quests in Outland were fun, just killing everything that was in front of you and not worrying about much else.

The final quest chain was great, as it tied everything together.  The creature that attacks you at the beginning of the zone makes its triumphant return and we get to deal with the consequences.  Just another day in the office, right?

I’m moving on to Deepholm now, after working on my Goblin for a little bit.  I eagerly look forward to what is ahead.


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