A new frontier

About a month or two back now, our guild decided to move servers.  We come from a medium-low population one, Vek’nilash – the raid scene isn’t the best, recruitment wasn’t very good.  The server we decided to move to was Thrall, which is a high population server.  At first I wasn’t too sure about it, but the longer I think about it, the more I think I’ll enjoy this move.

Part of it is the masochist in me, since I get to level all new alts (as I’ve posted before, I really enjoy doing this).  Yet with Cataclysm, I’m looking forward to this even moreso, with all the changes in the world.  Listening to the WoW Insider podcast and hearing them talk about all the amazing new environments and experiences that they have, I’m eager to re-explore the whole world.

Something else that’s new is that I’m sticking with the same main character for the second expansion in a row.  I originally started the game as a Druid, and became a Mage on the Alliance side.  I then became a Warlock when we rerolled Horde, switched to a Paladin in Burning Crusade, then switched to a Druid later on in BC.  So for Wrath and Cataclysm, I’ll actually be the same character.  Weird.

The guild itself is made, people are starting to work on new alts as well as transfer over others.  Even though I have three 80s, I’ll be sticking with my main for now since I can’t justify spending that much cash on moving servers when it’s hard to make ends meet.  My Druid and my wife’s Paladin will make the journey to begin with.

At the moment, the plan is that I’ll be making a Goblin Priest as my main alt.  I’ve always wanted to level a Priest, but have never been able to get one past level 30, so I’m hoping this time that I’ll be able to.  I enjoyed my time healing in BC as a Holy Paladin, and Discipline looks like lots of fun – something more than just playing healing whack-a-mole.

The move for the guild is set for October 19th, and I can’t wait.


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