Embrace your geekiness

The Baby DoctorToday is one of the best days ever – it’s “Embrace Your Geekiness Day”.  Works for me!  I’m quite proud to call myself a geek, and also find it quite funny how the term has evolved over the years.

Growing up, and for quite the longest time, it was never a good thing to be a geek or nerd.  It was always the term said when those of lower intelligence decided to insult you without knowing what to say.

“Yeah, well… you’re a geek!”

At the time, it wasn’t much fun.  I have not met many people who actually enjoyed their time in junior high school.  When you’re trying to figure out what kind of person that you’re going to become, the last thing you want is people making fun of you.

Of course, I’ve definitely come to embrace the term.  Geeks and nerds rule the world!  Look at Bill Gates, arguably one of the biggest geeks out there.  Just try to make fun of him, and I’m sure you’ll get a good lesson on true success.  Take conventions like the San Diego Comic-Con which started out as a small little convention for people trading comics – it’s now one of the biggest conventions of any type in the world!  You have many celebrities going there to plug their films and try to sell you their stuff.  Why?  Because geeks and nerds are successful!

World of Warcraft has over 11.5 million subscribers.  They may not admit it, but everyone who plays WoW has a bit of geekiness inside them.  Many times the biggest grossing films are the ones based on comic books, anime series, science fiction or fantasy novels, you name it.  It’s big business.

I’m very fortunate to have married a woman who is similar to me in many aspects, geekiness being one of them.  Looking at her, you’d never realize it, but over the years I’ve gradually coaxed more and more out of her.  It’s very nice to be able to sit down and watch an episode of Doctor Who or Star Trek, and then discuss it afterwards.  Hopefully our son will embrace the geekiness as well (the picture above is not our son, but it sure would be cool if it was).

If you’re a geek, say it loud and say it proud!  Geeks rule!

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