Long time, no siege

I have a tendency to be a slacker, procrastinator, what have you.  This is even more of a factor when something creative is involved – a blog being one of them.

That being said, I’m going to try to pick this thing up again.

Topic number 1: Blizzard and Real ID.  There are many many different articles already posted about this.  I, like the majority of people, was completely opposed to the idea of having your real name be posted on a public forum.  Unfortunately, Bashiok had to be the object lesson of just how horrible of an idea it was.  Maybe that was one of the factors that tipped the scales?  Who knows.

In the end, the fact that they changed their minds and listened to what their fans and subscribers were saying is the most important thing.  It’s just too bad that they made the mistake of announcing it in the first place.

Topic number 2: My continuing altaholic-ness.  My wife and I decided to make new characters to level up together, which we had done previously.  I once again deleted the rogue that I had been using for a bank and auction house character, and made a new Blood Elf rogue.  I truly did forget how much fun I had leveling a character with my wife – it’s nice always having backup for the quests that are a bit difficult like killing Dar’Khan Drathir.

Along with this, I’ve been working on my Alliance mage again.  As of writing, he just hit level 66, and is getting closer to heading to Northrend.  Before I do so, I want to make sure that I see as much of Outland as possible from the Alliance point of view.  This guy is my highest level Alliance character, barring death knights.  I hate to say it, but I really like the Alliance architecture and aethetics for their environments.  Small things like the boat going from Stormwind Harbor to Borean Tundra – it looks awesome!  All the Horde gets is a Zeppelin with some lights on it.

Blizzard favouring Alliance?  I don’t think I would say that.  It’s more just how their respective factions just do things.  The Horde has always been the type of people to just use things without need for it being good looking, where the Alliance has humans.  They like pretty things.  But then again, there’s Silvermoon…

Topic number 3: Cataclysm.  Holy crap, do I ever want to get into the beta.  Everything that I’ve seen so far is amazing – and I especially can’t wait to start leveling up my Goblin priest (see, there I go again).  Supposedly another wave of invites is coming out this week, so I’ll be checking my battle.net account quite often.

In closing, I do hope to start updating this more often.  The problem is that I get ideas for a post at random times, and never remember later on what my idea was.  I need to start carrying my iPod with me so I can jot down notes.


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