I am a true altaholic in the true sense of the word: I love to level my alts, and my main(s) suffer because of it.  There are many times when I should be farming for something, questing, making money, or things like that – but I’m working on an alt instead.

Right now I have a main and a main alt: my feral druid and my holy paladin.  My druid is geared in some ICC25, some ICC10, and one piece of T10, with other upgrades needed from frost and triumph badges.  My paladin needs a whole bunch more work than that, as  he only has one piece of T9 and is still rocking a fair amount of non-epics.  In order to fix this problem, I need to do random dungeons – and lots of them.

Part of the problem is making sure that I have the time to do the randoms.  Having a small child doesn’t really make it easy at times, since there’s the chance that I’ll have to leave at a moment’s notice.  Since I’ve been queueing as a tank on my druid and healer on the paladin, it’s that much more vital that I pay attention to the run.

I think that part of my love of alts comes from this.  I can hop on one of them, quest around for a bit and not have to worry if my son decides to do something that requires me.  World of Warcraft is very kind to me this way.  All I have to do is get on my flying mount and get about fifty feet in the air, and I’m set.

Yet, over the years I’ve realized that I love to raid and do dungeons.  I wasn’t really sure at first, but once I got with a group of people who had fun doing it, life was much better.  Since my son was born, I’ve been limited to only going once a week, which also makes me a bit antsy to do other things when I’m online.  If I could, I’d love to make both nights of the 25-man, the main and alt nights for the 10-man, and do a bunch of randoms so I can finish gearing up.

Right now I’ve been going back and forth between my level 71 hunter and level 75 warlock.  With playing melee classes for a while, it’s nice to do the ranged ones again.  Yet, I also have a level 80 resto/elemental shaman that has been sitting in Dalaran for the last 3-5 months collecting dust that I could probably put to good use.  Along with them, I have a level 70 death knight, and then all the way down to a level 26 warrior.  My last three consist of a level 10 rogue, being my bank and auction house go-to guy in Orgrimmar, and a priest and mage who are waiting to be deleted and re-made into goblins as soon as Cataclysm comes out.

At least when Cataclysm does come out, I will most definitely not be the only altaholic around.

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