Experiences with the LFG tool

Now that I’ve had a bit more time to use it, I once again must say how much I love the LFG tool.  Of course, it’s that much better with being able to get instant queues by tanking them.  With more experience, comes more thoughts.

The thing that surprises me the most is how competent these pugs seem to be.  Both individually and as a group, I’ve had more positive experiences than not – my main exception being (you guessed it) Oculus.  However, that’s partially my own fault, as I had only run it once before coming across it in my LFG randomness.  You get the random scrub that you have to carry, or the over-zealous DPSer who learns the hard way (or fun way, in my opinion) that he should be attacking the tank target.  At the end of the run, the majority of groups complete the instance without a wipe – sometimes without any deaths.

People don’t like to talk.  At all.  Usually when I join a pug, I would say a hello, “Ahoy matey”, or something.  95% of the time my response is silence, and I’m sure that I can hear them thinking: “why isn’t he pulling yet?”  Of course, the exceptions to this are those who like to spam recount, chide others for their supposedly crappy DPS, or telling you how to play your class.  Albeit there are some people who deserve to have a talking to, but usually they’re just being annoying.

I could play bingo very easily.

Lastly, I’m very glad when I have a guild member go along with me for the runs.  Back in BC, I tanked more often than DPS, but the way our guild has gone, I usually raid as a kitty.  Being able to have someone give me hints and pointers as I’m going through is a very nice thing to have.  Plus, I at least know one person is competent on the run.

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