Pre-patch/expansion raiding

As much as I like the fact tha Blizzard gives us sneak peeks at what’s to come for the future, it’s also very frustrating at times.  It also makes me glad that I’m not an officer anymore.  Why?  The usual pre-patch or pre-expansion raid atrophy.

There have been a number of people in my guild, officers included, who have decided they won’t raid until 3.3 comes out.  They haven’t said why, but just that they won’t be raiding.  A few have said the usual, that they’re bored, seen the same instance time and time again, and so on and so forth.  Once again, they care more about themselves than the guild as a whole.

I say this, as most of the people who don’t want to raid anymore are the ones who have near or full T9 sets, and most other pieces that they could ever want, along with enough extra badges to buy two other people full tier sets.  We have one specific person who won’t help anyone – anyone at all, whether it’s a raid, part, etc – if there’s any competition for loot.  So not only does he not want to raid, but he’ll only help people out if it’s convenient for him.

Now, I know that people do get bored of things after running them many times.  People who weren’t uber enough to get keyed for Serpentshrine Cavern or Tempest Keep before they removed the keying requirements got extremely bored of Karazhan, Gruul’s, and Magtheridon’s Lair.  Good loot, but very boring after running it a bazillion times.

Yet, 3.2 hasn’t been out that long – it came out August 4th, and the bosses of ToC were released in stages.  Even the best guilds in the world couldn’t kill Anub’arak until 5 weeks in.  So, that leaves us with just over two months with ToC, with Onyxia coming back as well.  We had about 5-6 months worth of Kara.  Are we just that much more impatient?

I guess all I can do is hope that people will still help people like me who can’t spend every minute on WoW.  We’ll see.


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